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        SUPERTEX 公司的確HV9985是三路峰值電流模式PWM控制器,能用來驅動RGB LED或多路白光LED. HV9985具有40V線性穩壓器,提供5V電源給IC供電,三個轉換器的開關頻率由外時鐘信號或內部振蕩器控制.三路有120度的相位差,以降低輸入電流波紋.LED串間電流精度為±2% ,線性和PWM調光,PWM調光比高達5000:1,輸入電壓10-40V,主要用在RGB背景光,升壓,降壓和SEPIC轉換器,多串白光LED驅動應用.本文介紹了HV9985的主要特性,方框圖,典型應用電路以及PCB布局指南

        The HV9985 is a three-channel peak current mode PWM controller for driving single switch converters in a constant output current mode. It can be used for driving either RGB LEDs or multiple channels of white LEDs.

        The HV9985 features a 40V linear regulator, which provides a 5.0V supply to power the IC. The switching frequencies of the three converters in the IC are controlled either with an external clock signal (the channels operate at a switching frequency of 1/12th of the external clock frequency) or using the internal oscillator. The three channels are positioned 120°out-of-phase to reduce the input current ripple. Each converter is driven by a peak current mode controller with output current feedback.

        The three output currents can be individually dimmed using either linear or PWM dimming. The IC also includes three disconnect FET drivers which enable high PWM dimming ratios and also helps to disconnect the input in case of an output short circuit condition. The HV9985 includes hiccup mode protection for both open LED and short circuit condition to prevent the IC from shutting down in the case of intermittent faults.


        Switch mode controller for single-switch converters Gate drivers optimized for driving Logic Level FETs

        0.25A sourcing

        0.5A sinking

        Typical ±2% absolute and string-to-string current accuracy (with ±1% sense resistors)High PWM dimming ratio up to 5000:1

        10-40V input range

        Constant frequency operation up to 1.0MHz

        On-chip clock or external clock option

        Programmable slope compensation

        Linear and PWM dimming

        Output short circuit protection

        Output over voltage protection

        Hiccup mode protection


        RGB backlight applications

        Boost, buck & SEPIC topologies

        Multiple string white LED driver applications



        圖3.HV9985 PCB布局指南




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